About XECO

“Let’s use our green energy wisely and responsibly in order to make our globe a better world!” – is a phrase that everyone is commonly saying, but then how do we participate in it practically and contribute to enhancing green environment of the globe that we live and the value we embrace.

With strong technology foundation as our anchor, XECO is committed to promote and strive for green energy application in HK, Europe, Australia and mid-east region in the coming decade.

AX XECO Ltd. is a subsidiary of Atom Xquare Limited., that the parent company is an expertise of design of high-tech electronic products focusing on the design, development, testing & manufacture of wide range of innovative technology products.

Business Sector
  1. New energy charging operation and management as core business.
  2. Charging products and storage equipment supply as supplementary business.

Business Type

  • Shopping arcade
  • Government department
  • Equipment leasing

Investment Collaboration

  • Franchise
  • Brand collaboration
  • Energy trading


  • Charger
  • Power Control
  • Cascade Utilization
  • Module


  • Charging Cloud
  • Vehicle Cloud
  • Charging App
  • Maintain App

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